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Date of Birth 07/01/1959   
Gender Female 
Artist Profile Birth place; Mumbai.june 7th 1959.
Studied; Interior designing at the J.J school of Arts Mumbai..
Won the best entry in the Arts and Crafts Department.Sir J.J school of ARts Mumbai.
Sketch selected for the 104 ,All India Annual Art Exhibition held in MUmbai in 1996.
6^x4 feetacylic on canvas of over 100 cape buffaloes displayed at the all India Women's Exhibition held in July 1996 at the Jahangir art gallery Mumbai.
solo exhibition 'AFRICAN HORIZONS'at mumbai Y.B chavan gallery mumbai Jan 1997.
sketches and painting s donated to the Safari club International USA..
One of the painting on the Cover of the SCI magazine.
painting in various private collections in India and Abroad.
I am an Indian..who loves travelling having being to Africa numerous times.
perhaps the fauna of Africa has received much attention constantly reminding one of the dangers of natural habitats shrinking due to human encroachment,thereby affecting their survival.I felt compelled to paint these pictures and portray the rugged,vast,majestic,remote and undeniable beauty of Africa. I wanted to convey to people how completly these animals are a part of the landscape,how their lives are a constant struggle for survival equally as prey and predator,thrashed out against the Kaleidoscope of colours and backgrounds. I feel privelidged just to see them as the way they are free to lead their lives as nature intended,utterly devoid of human interference.
although I strive to convey my sentiments of Africa and India I feel no word, painting.or photograph can truely express its vastness or the harsh realities of survival dictated by laws of nature that rule these ancient lands.
Nandita Ghatge
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