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Art GalleryArtists : Manoj Darekar

Date of Birth 02/04/1970   
Gender Male 
Artist Profile G.D Art (commercial) 1993
Occupation:-As a lecturer in kalaniketan mahavidyalaya Art College, Since 1996(about 12 years)
I have worked in institute as asistant Secratary about 8 years, which has done agitation about art named 'RANG BAHAR' in kolhapur.
I have participate in making of authority (book) 'RANG CHITRAKARACHE' which tell us the tradition of kolhapur of 120 years.
I have been working as a 'Painter' about 12 years regularly. Ialso working in water colour, Acralic,Oil colours, Pencil drawing.
I have givan many speeches and demonstration about art. I have written many articals on art (painting). I also written belles articals (LALIT-LEKH) which are published in many magazines and news-paper. 
Artist Exhibitions I have participate in art in famous institues like 'Maharastra State Art Eihibition', Bombay Art Socity, Art Socity of India, South Zone Art Exhibition-Nagpur.
I have organizrd exhibition in Kolhapur-3 Time and pune- one time.I also participate in group exhibitons hold in Kolhapur, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore etc. I have collection of some famous painting of artist from Kolhapur, pune, Dehli, Mumbai, Banglore,England. 
Artist Awards In 2003 I was awarded as young artist by Mr. Prabhakar Kolate, Mr. V. A. Mali, Mr. Shiegavkar and Mr.Ganapatrao Vadangekar. I also got prize in compition hold in murgud. I have particated in many compititions.